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Karl W. Palachuk is a very popular speaker at conferences all over the world. He also presents online via webinars to his own audience and to others.

Audiences include technology consultants, authors, speakers, and companies that want to connect to these audiences.

He primarily speaking on three kinds of topics:

Managed Services – This includes technology consulting, technical topics, business processes, and best practices.

Relax Focus Succeed – Topics include work/life balance, stress reduction, workaholism, and personal growth.

Marketing/Promotions – Primarily focused on authors and speakers, Karl presents his approaches to building a successful business by using the best practices for marketing and promotions.

Managed Services

Karl is a recognized leader in the managed services industry, and truly one of the founders of the managed services process for delivering technical support. A search on Amazon.com for the term “managed services” has been dominated by Karl’s books for almost ten years. He has been recognized on the MSP 250 and SMB 150 lists year after year. On the latter he has been elevated to “judge” status.

Karl educates thousands of managed service providers each month through his blogs (primarily Small Biz Thoughts), podcasts, and online trainings. Through this audience, Karl has become a trusted source of information for technology consultants all over the world.

As a speaker on managed services, Karl consistently provides great information, motivation, and entertainment. He is always rated as one of the absolute best speakers whenever he speaks. With twenty years in the business, he speaks as a real person who is out there “doing it” every day – just like his audience.

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Relax Focus Succeed

Originally released in 2006, Relax Focus Succeed® is now in its second edition.

Karl wrote this book as a guide to “Balance your personal and professional lives and be more successful in both.” Based in large part on his personal struggle with a chronic disease, this book presents a philosophy of balance that is strongly needed today.

Relax Focus Succeed seminars have been presented from Amsterdam to Los Angeles. Through live presentations, webinars, and teleseminars, Karl has helped thousands of people to change their lives for the better.

In a world that’s always on the go, Karl talks about achieving more, and being more fulfilled, without working yourself to death. Stress and workaholism are literally killing people every day. We need to define a new path and begin leading a more meaningful existence.

Relax Focus Succeed® helps us begin that journey. Relax Focus Succeed presentations are lively, humorous, and inspiring.

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As a successful business owner, author, speaker, and trainer, Karl has certainly figured out what works to promote his businesses. His marketing and promotions presentations are primarily focused on authors and speakers, but can be adapted for any industry.

Over the last ten years, Karl has developed contacts, social media connections, and audience “touches” that amount to more than 70,000 per month. Karl is always focused on the business side of business, so he doesn’t talk about social media as a way to make friends. Nor does he discuss how to be successful in your spare time without spending money. Business is business, and if you want to approach things from a business perspective, Karl’s marketing and promotion techniques are the perfect fit.

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